​​​Since I was very young I have been obsessed with animals. When I look at our family photos, I'm always holding an animal. To me, animals are amazing living beings with unique personalities and feelings. I respect and love them dearly. I want to protect them, never harm them. For that reason and many others, I decided to  make myself  vegetarian despite have grown up in the very meat orientated Brazilian culture.

​It was impossible not to have pooches at home since I couldn't stand seeing them on the streets. Often I would rescue them and persuade my parents to keep them. I  have a vast experience caring for healthy and unwell babes unconditionally. Being a vet was never an option though as I would be emotionally compromised  and would struggle to separate my personal life.

In 2010, already in London for about 2 years,  out of craving for canine company, I started taking care of babes for holidays and on days off.  At the time, dog care wasn't as popular as it is nowadays so I didn't think I could make a career on it. Later on I gave up my teaching and desk job and fully indulged my passion for pooches. I consider it very important to improve my knowledge and read lots of literature and undertake qualification courses on dogs.

I wanted to offer a home away from home service, where owners could have peace of mind when away, knowing that their pooches had a second family to care for them in a loving environment which doubled as a fun holiday camp where their babes could enjoy sociable moments with other pooches.

I had completed many dog courses relating to care, behaviour, training, health and so on. I strongly believe that being a dog minder is a serious profession and should require qualifications and experience from those who want to work with babes. I wanted to offer more, so I decided to get a place exclusively for them; with lots space transforming it in a big pooch nursery & playground. They love being at WetNose Club Society and I am delighted to see how much fun they have in a tailored and secure environment.

 Each pooch I work with is an individual book, with exclusive pages and a different story to tell. I feel so close to them and normally prefer their company to humans. Wetnose Club Society is my dream job and I am certain it is the premium service your pooch deserve.

Juliana Rodrigues​​




Founder and Director of Squeezing Cuddles 

Ellie Peanutbutter Fox



Manager of belly rubs and entertainment

Head of Security & Tail Waging 

Ellie Peanutbutter Fox


Head of petting heads & Transport for paws

I have been in love with dogs since I was a child, or rather, in love with all animals. My mother told me that I was scared to death of insects but I wouldn't let her kill them (haha). I inherited the passion for dogs from my mother. At age 7 I rescued my first dog from the streets and found a home for her. After that I continued rescuing dogs with my mother and when we could not find home for them, our home became their home.

I dreamed of being a veterinarian, but in Brazil the course is very expensive. Instead I graduated in Marketing and worked as a sales manager for large companies, but all the time continuing to rescue and care for abandoned dogs.

In 2016 I moved to London and already with an idea of ​​working with dogs when I met Juliana and started helping out at WetNose Club Society. I fell in love with her work and the way she cares for the dogs. It was exactly the same approach and way of thinking I have about how to look after and love animals. This work has become my life and I can't imagine doing anything else. As a result my mind has opened up about other animals and I am becoming a vegetarian, which is a big contrast from the Brazilian culture. I hope though the world changes just as I am changing.

Babes are my life.

​Camila Maximo