Pick up and drop off included. Pooches taken to various parks with a pack of friends (between 4 and 6 depends on the park and licence we have with each borough). Toys are taken according to pooch personality and needs. We will match the best pack for your pooch to be part of, both in terms of how well suited they are to the other babes (energetic, playful, specific friends), and also according to their walking preference (walk only, play ball games, play with others, discover nature, explore smells, etc).


An innovative way to add many more benefits to your babe's walks as well as physical exercise. On and off lead 1hr walk visiting 3 different parks/greens plus cityscape. During one hour, your babe will be walking with a group of furry friends on lead and off lead, visit 3 different parks/green areas and on the city. Benefits includes mastering lead walking, decreasing pulling issues, facing different positive encounters with other dogs, all types and shapes of humans, people wearing accessories (hats, sticks, umbrellas) , new environments and new situations. Helps managing fear issues - dismistify fears of various things, for instance bikes, balloons, children, & so on. Improving road awareness, stimulation of dog’s main sense in contact with various smells. Pick up & drop off included.               

Most pooches don't like shower time and it is important to get someone they love and trust to do the task. Our approach is always patience over timetable, and gentle handling to shower babes. The shower service consistes of a warm bath/shower, towel dry, hair drier (anal gland clearance on request). The range of shampoos we use are cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and with antiallergic natural ingredients. Your pooch will come home clean and stress-free.

Home away from home accommodation. Your babe won't be locked up in a cage and only out once a day. We offer an environment that replicates what your pooch is used to having: comfort, attention, friends to play with and lots of love. Your pooch's routine, habits and dietary requirements will be observed; we will follow your practices with your pooch including if you are trying to break bad habits we will reinforce the positive behaviours too in their holiday home. Pick up and drop off included as well as walks.

Our Day Care brings a new concept in the UK on dog care service. The day program foe all the babes is specially designed in accordance to our vast experience with pooches plus science and dog psychology studies into practice. Pooch is picked up in the morning and dropped off late afternoon. Taxi Pick up and drop off are included in the service. We offer an unique programme throughout the day which includes physically and mentally stimulating exercises plus a relaxing rest time. Every day they have different activities splitting into a number of areas.
In the Outdoor Playground (more than 300 sq meters) pooches are physically stimulated with lots of different activities. ​In the Indoors Play Area pooches' minds are challenged with games, puzzles and all sort of activities focusing on their mental needs.
In the Nap Room pooches will have a little break between activities. They can relax and chill which helps support a stress free environment to maintain the health of our beloved pooches. Depends on level of energy, visits to the park can be added under request.

Some activities on day care: paddle/swim, footpaws, body massage, brushing and pampering, hide and seek, jump obstacles, tunel run, chasing bubbles, hunting the fluffy on the stick , sniff and find treats, puzzle games, focus game and much more. 

​Your pooch will LOVE it here.


Pooch picked up and dropped off. Service includes taxi to groomers, vet appointment, pet shop and wherever else, you might want us to drive your babe.