We match the pooches who bond the best to guarantee their fun while exercising.

Trained and qualified team

 Car travel time minimised

All staff have completed a dog minding course, first aid course, plus some additional courses including behaviourism, training, emotional and cognition, agility training and so on.

Working with dogs involves risk.  Working with people’s beloved babes involves being trusted with a lot of emotional and financial responsibility.

All our staff are fully insured including cover for loss of keys, pet taxi, off lead walk, etc.

Stimulating brain activities

Apart from physical exercise, your pooch needs its mind stimulating. In the park or indoors, we often play different games created by scientists, trainers, and behavioural specialists. This is as important to them as exercising their hairy bodies.

Home away from home boarding (not kennel)




“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
―M.K. Clinton 

Collection of many babes in one go results in many hours in traffic. At WNCS we don't do that. We collect the pooches allocated to each walk or day care only and that guarantees that they don't spend more time then they should in the car.

Leaving your pooch while you are away can be difficult for you both. Finding a loving second home is the best way to deal with anxiety or separation issues. We give attention to your pooch's routine, habits and diet requirements. Pick up and drop off included as well as walks.

Last minute booking (Regulars only)

1-Help Londoners to have the chance of a life with a dog.

With busy lives, people who live in London can find it difficult to have a pooch unless there is someone who can look after the babe while they are away or at work.

2-Help dogs in need though charities in the UK and abroad. We are involved in many charity campaigns to rescue dogs from the streets and from mistreatment. 


Unforeseen situations happen and suddenly you need us to have your babe. If you're one of our members, you can book services at the last minute (according to availability). Being a member or regular, means your babe had a trial with us and was approved to join our Club Society. 

Fully insured 

Pooch to pack matching system