Fonzie adores Juliana and it’s very obvious that she loves my ‘Babe’ almost as much as I do.
She has a really great group of dogs who Fonzie adores. I almost think he likes it when we go away - because he gets to hang out with Juliana full-time.




Clive is always so excited to go out with the WetNose Club Society. In pictures I'm sent It's great to see him having so much fun when I'm not there and I know she takes great care of him. To begin with he wasn't the most socialised dog and could be a bit frightened but has come on leaps and bounds since walking with WetNose Club society.






Juliana has taken care of our dog Jarvis for the past 2 years, he was adopted and so is very anxious around new people & dogs. Juliana has been patient, consistent and caring. Jarvis adores her & runs to the door to greet her.
His confidence has increased and he is a much happier dog because of the time he spends with Juliana and rest of the pack. 
Always reliable & professional, she is also flexible and willing to help out at short notice. Juliana's extensive experience and knowledge is invaluable and gives us peace of mind that Jarvis is well looked after in her care.
We don't know what we would do without her! 
Just waiting for her to expand to daycare for humans so we can send the kids as well! 

A  new  concept  in  Doggie  Day  Care



Love & care 



The Day Care provides a place where the pooches are happy and secure and parents can play an integral part in their pooch’s ongoing development. We offer an unique programme throughout the day which includes physically and mentally stimulating exercises plus a relaxing rest time.

In the Outdoor Playground (more than 300 sq meters) pooches are physically stimulated with lots of different activities, including agility sport. 

​In the Indoors Play Area pooches' minds are challenged with games, puzzles and all sort of activities focusing on their mental development.

In the Nap Room pooches will have a little break between activities. They can relax and chill which helps support a stress free behaviour to maintain the health of our beloved pooches.

Experienced, qualified, insured and caring staff will ensure that your pooch has a positive and happy experience that will prove invaluable in building socialisation skills.

WetNose Day Care Centre provides a healthy, safe, caring, friendly, and secure environment for your best friend's day care. We are mud free, and regularly disinfect all areas with special pet solution.

​​Requirements to be a member of

WetNose Club Society

 All pooches will be considered through a consultation and trial day    before admitted as member. These are for insurance, health and safety reasons.

Every pooch need:

 - to be castrated/neutered

 - to have vaccinations up to date

 - to have worm and flea treatment up to date

 - to be friendly 

 - to be house trained

 - to live in the area covered (W4, W6 & some W3 and W12)

 - Have amazing parents who are as crazy for their babes

 as we are for all babes.


We are an exclusive club for dogs, we are the dog care highly rated and recommended by our members.

WetNose Club Society took its love for dogs to a professional level. We have many dog qualifications gained through courses, extended experience and lots of love to give away.

- We make the dream of having a dog possible when you have a busy life.

- We help your woofy friend to have a healthier mind, body and heart.​​



I have no hesitation in recommending Juliana to look after your pooch.  She looked after my 11 year old border terrier Scruffy every day from morning until the evening, for three years until I moved out of the area and occasionally now she looks after her.  Juliana has a natural manner with dogs, she gets to know each dog as individuals she is very in tune with them and builds up a fantastic bond with the dogs in her care. Scruffy has diabetes and needs to be injected twice a day plus given other medication and Juliana has been amazing in this respect and taken it all onboard no problem. Scruffy is so excited when she sees Juliana and I never worry when she is with her as I know she is in the best possible care.  I am very lucky to have found Juliana.